Septic System Installation: Always Consult the Experts

Most rural areas lack networked sewer lines, the ones available in urban settings. As a result, homeowners in these areas require septic systems to dispose of their waste correctly. If you live in, plan to build, or move into a home in the countryside, consider installing a septic tank. And, if your home already has one, consider getting a professional to check if it needs repair or replacement.

There are various types of septic tanks available, including:

Steel septic tanks

Steel septic tanks are not quite as popular today as the other options. This is because of their low durability because they are the most susceptible to rusting and generally have relatively high maintenance costs. However, they resist buoyant forces impressively well and are less likely to float when the water table rises.

Plastic septic tanks

Plastic or poly septic tanks are made using polyethylene. They are typically rustproof, lightweight, and more affordable than most other options. These plastic septic tanks are also easy to install and don't get affected by most chemicals.

Fiberglass septic tanks

Materials known as FRP (fiber reinforced plastics) are primarily used to make fiberglass septic tanks. Glass fibers are incorporated to reinforce these tanks, making them more potent than plastic septic tanks.

These tanks are very light and easy to handle. They are also durable and rustproof.

Concrete septic tanks

There are two types of concrete septic tanks: all-in-one systems and single structure septic tanks. All-in-one tanks have several chambers within one tank. On the other hand, the chambers in single structure tanks get cast individually before being installed.

Concrete septic tanks are generally rustproof and highly durable.

Aerobic septic tanks    

If the other options aren't suitable for your situation, try aerobic septic tanks. These are renowned for their durability and unrivaled efficiency. All you need to make them function seamlessly is electricity and frequent maintenance.

Should You Hire a Professional For Your Septic Tank System Installation Needs?

Don't attempt installing a septic tank on your own unless you are a trained and experienced plumber. If you are not, hire reputable professionals to do it for you. If you want to replace an old septic tank, professionals will identify the existing one and its setup and figure out how to take it out quickly. Furthermore, when you hire experts, they come with the right equipment for installing a septic tank effectively. That said, you will also have to endure the exhausting hassle of renting and leasing the necessary machines and tools when you choose to do it yourself.

Septic tank installation is a sensitive process that should be handled with precaution. If your tank is installed improperly, it is likely to leak or burst and cause serious health concerns. Hire septic system installation experts to guarantee your safety.


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