How A Septic Repair Contractor Might Replace A Cracked Septic Pipe

If you own a septic tank, the last thing you want to see is sewage standing in your yard as that could be a sign of problems with the septic tank or drainfield. A few things can cause sewage to back up in your yard, including a tank that's too full. Call a septic repair contractor for help without delay so your yard isn't full of toxic waste.

The contractor might identify the problem as a broken pipe rather than a failed drainfield. If so, here's how a septic repair contractor might deal with a broken pipe in your septic system.

Pinpoint The Location Of The Damage

Your contractor has to rule out other possibilities before determining the problem is with a pipe. If the contractor thinks one of the septic pipes might be leaking, they can do a camera inspection to find out for sure. A benefit of using a pipe camera is that the exact location of the crack can be found so digging in the yard is kept to a minimum.

Dig Down To the Pipe

Once the location of the damage is known, the contractor can limit digging so only the damaged area of the pipe is exposed. The contractor may need to bring in a small excavator to do the digging, but if the pipe is shallow, they might dig by hand depending on how wide the hole needs to be. The contractor digs a large enough hole to expose the cracked area and solid pipe on both sides of the damage.

Replace The Broken Pipe

The septic repair contractor can cut through the old pipe and pull it from the ground. Then, they cut a section of new pipe of the appropriate length and attach the ends to the solid pipe that's still in the ground. The contractor can use rubber couplings with pipe clamps or other means of joining the pipes that make a watertight seal. Before covering the pipe, the contractor runs water through the line to make sure the leak has been eliminated.

Backfill The Pipe

The repairs end with pushing the dirt back in the hole and leveling it, making sure the area drains properly when it rains. You may have to put down sod or plant grass seeds to cover up the bare soil, but in no time, you won't be able to tell you had a hole in your yard.

A common reason septic pipes crack is damage from tree roots. Tree roots can clog pipes as well as crack them open. If tree roots caused damage to your septic pipe, ask the contractor about things you can do to keep roots away from your entire septic system such as using root-killing additives. To learn more, contact a septic service.

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