4 Indicators You Need To Schedule Septic Pumping Service

Owning a home is certainly one of life's greatest achievements. However, many people fail to mention the responsibilities that come with homeownership. When planning for your annual home maintenance, you might want to remember your septic tank. Your septic tank needs attention and care, mainly through conducting septic pumping services. Here are the top indicators that it's time for septic tank pumping.

1. You Can't Recall the Last Pumping Service

When was the last time specialists attended to your septic tank? Unfortunately, it's common for homeowners to forget about their septic tanks. You are advised to schedule a septic pumping service even when there are no warning signs of an overflowing tank. Timely inspection and septic tank pumping should save you a lot of untimely plumbing issues and money. Contact the experts today to get help.

2. Slow Drains

If your drains are taking longer than usual to clear the water from your sink when washing the dishes, you have a septic system problem. Likewise, your toilets may show the same problem if they flush too slowly.

Slow drains may indicate that your septic tank is full and can no longer accommodate more waste. Therefore, reach out to specialists for inspection and septic pumping. Once they have confirmed that you have a full septic tank, you can schedule the pumping service immediately.

3. Unusually Greener Grass Around the Septic Tank

Take a look at your lawn. Does one area seem to be greener than the rest? Next, inspect the area to see if it's wet. Due to the constant watering and surplus nutrients retrieved from wastewater leaking from the filled septic tank, the grass around the area is bound to grow taller and greener.

Inspect the area further to confirm your suspicions, and contact the experts for septic tank pumping. They will pump the tank to prevent further leakage and help you maintain a healthy and uniform lawn.

4. Severe Backups

Another surefire indicator that you may need septic pumping is a severe toilet and drain backup. When your tank starts overflowing, it sends incoming wastewater and raw sewage back to where it came from. As a result, you will notice sewage in your home that can cause contamination and health hazards. Therefore, take immediate action and reach out to the specialists for pumping services.

Have you noticed these warning signs? Your septic tank could be screaming for help. Remedy the situation and extend its lifespan by scheduling an appointment with the septic pumping experts.

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