Fundamental Things You Should Know About Septic Cleaning

Septic systems are a great way to get rid of the wastewater you produce in your household. They enable you to maintain hygiene and save money in the long run. But to ensure your septic tank performs properly for longer, you will need to invest in its maintenance. 

One of the important aspects of this maintenance is septic cleaning. This process entails pumping out all the sludge and liquid to reset the septic tank. Such cleanings are normally performed when the system exhibits problems such as drain field issues and backflow and may require hydro jetting if there are compacted solids at the bottom of the tank.

What's the Septic Tank Cleaning Process?

The first thing the septic tank cleaning specialists will do is inspect the tank. Then, they'll get their vacuum trucks that come with a pump and heavy-duty hose pipe to get rid of the contents. The hose is inserted via the open lid and transfers all contents in the septic compartments into the truck. Sometimes the specialists use septic cleaning spoons to remove the waste that may be stuck on the tank walls and floor.

Once all the effluent is removed, the septic cleaning specialists will use fresh water to clean the system thoroughly. They will also inspect the tank to check for signs of damage like cracks and check the condition of the baffles, outlets, and filters. 

Finally, they will check if the water released to the drain field flows back into the tank. This occurs when there's a problem with the pump, outlets, or drain line that connects the tank to the drain field.

Why Is It Essential to Invest in Septic Cleaning?

When you fail to pump out your septic tank as recommended, the scum and sludge levels will keep increasing, blocking the outlet pipe. This will prevent the liquid waste flow and push the scum and sludge into the drain field. 

After a while, the water will start backing up into the household drains, while the sludge will clog the pipes. The septic tank may also crack and leak, releasing waste into the yard. So, be sure to invest in septic system cleanings as instructed by experts to avert such problems.

How Often Should Septic Cleanings Be Done?

The frequency of septic tank pumping is determined by several factors like tank size, household size, water usage, and working condition of the system. So, be sure to get an expert to inspect the system regularly and recommend how often you'll need this service. This way, you'll prolong the system's service life and mitigate costly repairs.

Contact a company that offers residential septic tank services to learn more.

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