What You Need To Know About Septic Systems For Your Home

There are a lot of places you can build a home that does not have the ability to connect to a local sewer system. The only option might be to install a septic system on the property, but there are some things you need to consider before the septic system installation begins. 

System Location

Often, the septic system location is overlooked, but if you know how you will use your property and need the tank and leach field out the way, it is vital to choose a location that allows for that. Sometimes the tank is placed near the home for convenience, but in most cases, this is not a functional necessity, and the leach field can create some uneven ground that makes it difficult to level the yard.

Talk with the septic system installation company you are working with about the location and your concerns before the work starts to minimize interruptions in the septic system install. If the land you are building on has features that restrict the location, like rocks or trees, you may have to compromise to ensure the system works properly and will not get clogged with roots over time.

Choosing the location can also be important when considering water runoff or snowmelt. If you live on a hill and place the specific system installation at the bottom of the slope, runoff could seep into the tank and overfill it. The top of the hill may not be the perfect spot on the property. Still, if you are concerned about runoff water infiltrating the system, you may need to install some drainage on higher ground to redirect the water around your septic system.

System Size

Most septic system installations are based on the size of the home you have. The number of bedrooms is used and assumes one person for each bedroom. However, if you have a smaller home with multiple occupants in each bedroom, you could have an issue with an overwhelmed septic system.

It is critical that you let the contractor installing the system know if more people live in the home than the number of bedrooms in it. Often children's rooms with be shared spaces, and in some homes, the attic or basement space may be converted for use as bedrooms and may not be calculated into the septic system installation. 

If the home has two bathrooms in it and you add an additional one in the basement, you could also overwhelm the tank and have backups or fill the tank faster than expected, and you may have to spend the money on a septic tank pumping sooner than you usual. Anything that adds to the septic system use can have the potential to cause issues, so if you suspect you be adding on later or installing additional bathrooms in the home down the road, it is often better to opt for a larger tank and leach field to plan for those needs. 

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