4 Septic System Problems That Require Expert Attention

If you adopt regular maintenance and inspection routines, a septic system can effectively eliminate wastewater from your home without experiencing any issues. Unfortunately, you might still experience occasional septic system issues such as stinking water outdoors and foul odors. Luckily, these and other numerous problems can be remedied by occasional septic servicing. A professional plumber can troubleshoot issues with your septic and address them before they lead to a complicated and expensive problem. Take a look at common septic system problems that need expert attention.

Damaged Drainpipes

Trees and shrubs growing close to your septic system can cause damage. For example, roots can grow through the drainpipes and crack them, causing wastewater to leak around your home. While you may not notice the leak immediately, you will start to see that grass in a particular area has become greener, warranting further investigation. To this end, call a plumber to troubleshoot the problem.

Blocked System

Over time, drain pipes can become clogged. You are likely to notice a rotten smell when organic waste is not flowing through freely. Additionally, this can worsen and cause sewer backups in your home or office. A plumber unclogs your system's pipes to remove scum, sludge, and other substances to resolve the blockage. They may also need to empty the tank to resolve the problem.

Damaged Septic Tank

Your septic tank could be located underground where no one can spot it. However, parking a heavy vehicle on top can cause damage. Similar destruction may also be caused by driving over the tank, even with a lighter vehicle. Once the damage occurs, your septic system will fail to work effectively or may even collapse entirely. In such cases, you need a septic contractor to fix it immediately to avoid a major leak.

Waste Accumulation

The solid waste build-up in your system can back up the inlet pipe and cause slow drainage from your house. If this is the case, consider calling a professional to pump your septic system and remedy the situation. Trying to handle such an issue yourself can damage your whole system.

The above are four septic system issues you may face that require professional attention. A plumber inspects your drainage and tank for any problems, accurately diagnosing and fixing them. Don't wait until you have a major problem that requires you to replace the entire septic system. Instead, adopt regular servicing as it can safeguard the structural integrity and performance of the septic system. For more information about maintaining your septic system, contact a local service.

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