3 Benefits Of Septic Tank Cleaning

The septic tank is responsible for holding wastewater and allowing solids to settle at the bottom while grease and oil float to the top. You need to maintain your unit so that it serves you effectively. You can do so by pumping the tank routinely to empty it. 

When septic tank professionals come to clean your unit, they will also inspect it for leaks and repair them if there are any. Moreover, you should spread out your washing machine and dishwasher usage. Excessive water can burden the septic tank and flood your drain field.

Here are the benefits of septic tank cleaning.

Keep Water Sources and the Neighboring Area Clean

You need to understand how your septic system works. Usually, wastewater from your home enters the septic tank through a drainage pipe. Then, the wastewater will flow into your drain field. The drain field is composed of unsaturated soil that allows the liquid waste to seep through. Too much wastewater can strain the drain field and impede its proper functioning.

The drain field will flood if the tank is too full, and some sewage can flow into your home and water sources, leading to a foul smell. Also, overflooding will interfere with the proper elimination of harmful bacteria such as coliform. While some coliform bacteria are harmless, others can lead to adverse health conditions like vomiting, fever, diarrhea, and poor digestion.

Avoid Drain Backups

If you experience mysterious drain clogs that won't go away, you may have a septic system backup. This problem can be due to various reasons. Invasive tree roots can sneak into your septic tank and drain field pipes in search of water and nutrients. Debris and other materials may collect on the roots leading to blockages that will prevent proper water flow.

Pouring harsh chemicals down your drains can destabilize the natural balance of bacteria in your septic system. The bacteria won't break down waste appropriately, resulting in bad smells in your home. 

Moreover, flushing unsuitable materials down the drain, such as female hygiene products and baby wipes, can block the septic tank, leading to sewage backups. You should call a professional to help clean your tank and avoid unnecessary waste backups.

Improve Your Tank's Lifespan and Save Money

Regular cleaning will ensure your septic tank operates efficiently without blockages that burden the system. Clogs can cause your pipes and the interior of your tank to deteriorate abnormally, reducing your unit's lifespan. Also, proper maintenance will help you avoid unnecessary costly repairs, saving you money in the long run.

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