Pumping Your Home's Septic Tank

Septic pumping projects are integral for keeping this part of the plumbing system functional. While pumping the septic system is not a cumbersome project for the homeowner, it can be a source of stress for a person that does not understand the process that is involved with it.

Septic Pump Will Not Cause Significant Odors In Your Home's Interior

Homeowners will frequently assume that the septic tank pumping process will cause significant odors in their home, and this may lead to them deciding to open the windows for the duration of this work. However, this can actually be a poor decision to make as this work will not cause significant odors to fill the home, but there can temporarily be strong odors in the yard during the pumping work. By opening the windows, the homeowner may allow more of these odors to enter their homes.

Septic Pumping Will Not Eliminate Clogs That Have Already Formed In The System

The process of having the septic system pumped can eliminate the waste that may be at risk of causing significant clogs to form in the system. However, it is not designed for removing clogs that may have already formed in the drain lines for the septic tank. Rather, if your tank has already had the unfortunate luck of developing a clog, a professional septic contractor will be needed to find and remove the clog. These professionals may be able to use tools that can break up clogs that have formed in the drain lines of the septic tank. However, if the clogs are located in the drainfield, they can be significantly more difficult to remove.

There Are Steps That You Can Use To Help The Septic Tank Pumping Service Complete Their Work

While you will not have to do much during the actual pumping process for the septic tank, you will need to take time to prepare the yard so that the septic tank can be easy for the pumping truck to reach. Most septic tanks will have an access hatch, and you might want to trim any grass or remove soil that may have covered the hatch. Otherwise, the pumping service may have a difficult time finding the hatch so that the pump can be inserted into the tank. Some contractors may charge additional fees if the hatch has to be cleared for them to access it, but this is a step that should only take you a few minutes to complete.

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