Why You Should Schedule Septic Tank System Pumping When You Purchase An Old Residence

Undoubtedly, purchasing an existing home is the quickest route to homeownership. You don't have to build your own from scratch when homeowners are selling properties in excellent condition. But it's crucial to acknowledge that just like second-hand vehicles, old homes require a bit of servicing.

The septic tank is one of the most important things to take care of when you purchase an older home. After all, you wouldn't want to deal with sewage backup or slow drainage when you move in. That's why your first order of business should be to schedule septic tank system pumping; here is why.

1. Jumpstart Regular Septic Tank Maintenance

Much like any other system in your home, septic tanks require regular maintenance in order to function properly. Without regular cleaning and pumping, your septic tank can become clogged and sluggish, leading to a whole host of problems. So, to jumpstart regular septic tank maintenance, you should allow septic services to empty the tank.

2. Get It Out of the Way

Suppose the previous owner of your residential property left the septic tank half full; it's only a matter of time before it fills up. As such, you're better off getting the septic tank pumping out of the way. This way, you can spend the first few months of moving in renovating the home and designing it to suit your lifestyle and housing needs.

Commissioning septic tank system pumping also gives your technicians the opportunity to thoroughly inspect and meticulously recalibrate the entire network. This way, you won't have to address costly septic system repairs down the line.

3. Establish a Healthy Environment

A septic tank that is not properly taken care of can actually be quite harmful to the environment. When you wait too long before commissioning septic tank system pumping, the full tank can leak sewage and other pollutants into the ground, contaminating water supplies and possibly exposing your loved ones to disease-causing organisms. To ensure you don't risk your family's or neighbors' health, you should allow local septic services to empty the tank before you move in.

4. Preserve the Tank's Structural Integrity

Now that you've purchased the residential property, you own everything in the real estate, including the septic tank. As such, it's now your responsibility to preserve the tank's structural integrity. This way, it can serve you and your family for many years.

Even though septic tanks have durable construction, they are prone to damage from flooding and tree roots. To learn the current condition of the tank, schedule septic tank system pumping and allow your technician to assess the inside of the tank and its surroundings. Thus, they can gain insights into how to preserve its integrity over the years.

Have you recently become a homeowner? Congratulations! But before you move into your old home, schedule septic tank system pumping to jumpstart the system's proactive maintenance.

Contact a septic pumping service to learn more. 

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