How To Tell You Need Septic Tank Repair

A septic tank treats and eliminates waste generated by your home. It is easy to tell if your septic tank has a problem if you are a qualified plumber; however, it may be hard for a non-professional. When household waste exits your home, it enters the septic tank field area, also known as the septic drain. A septic tank leach field is an underground installation that removes impurities from septic waste.

Several signs indicate a septic leach field is failing. Some of these include:

Stagnant Water Near Your Septic Tank or Sewers

Stagnant water in gutters or near the septic tank indicates that the tank is flooded, and there may be a problem in the septic tank's field area. When the water in the septic tank has been processed and treated but has nowhere to go, it becomes stagnant.

Your Sewers and Toilets Are Backing Up

Clogs and blockages are commonly caused by a septic tank that has not been emptied for a while. If the septic tank fails, the water leaving the house is not processed or treated. When that occurs, the drain begins to back up.

Smelly Wastewater Near Your Septic Tank

Septic pits and drains must be odorless. The odor you detect is caused by methane, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide, all found in household waste. A strong rotten egg odor near the septic tank indicates a sewer leak that endangers your health and safety. You must immediately call for septic tank repair or drain replacement when you notice an odor.

Why Your Septic Tank Needs Professional Repair

The main reason why your septic tank must be cleaned by a professional is for your safety. The other advantages include the following:

The Smell Is Kept at Bay

Leaking and broken pipes, including the septic tank itself, are a source of odors when wastewater flows into the ground. All the strange smells disappear after a professional septic service.

You Protect the Value of Your Property

Although septic tank maintenance and cleaning are focused on the septic tank, repair appointments are also beneficial for draining the field, which is beneficial to the property. If the septic tank is not repaired, the property's value declines. However, the property value escalates with an excellently working septic tank and drainage field.


Your septic system should be active and function properly for many years if properly maintained. If you notice septic tank problems, such as wastewater leaks or signs of clogged pipes, contact a septic tank repair specialist as soon as possible.

Contact a local septic tank repair service to learn more. 

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