Three Septic Drain Problems Hydro Jet Cleaning Can Fix

There are a few different methods plumbers can use to fix issues with slow draining and clogs in septic drain pipes, and one of the more effective methods is the hydro jet. This is best put to use when your pipes are suffering from a widespread issue as opposed to isolated clogs, but it has a variety of uses. Here's when it could work for you.

Grease Buildup

Hydro jetting uses water sprayed at high pressure to clean off the inside of pipes. This makes it more effective than standard snake tools at cleaning off things like grease, which can easily coat much of your drain pipes over time. Grease isn't the biggest threat when it comes to actually damaging your pipes, but it can still clog them, and with enough grease spread through your pipes, it can be a challenge to clean out. Normal snake tools are better at dealing with physical obstructions like a clump of toilet paper or hair, so hydro jetting has the advantage here.

This is also a preferable choice over any kind of chemical cleanser because while these may effectively remove grease, they can also damage your pipes.

Sediment and Scale

Apart from grease, other things can build up in your pipes as well. One example is scale, which is common in areas with hard water. Scale is hard and flaky, and as it builds up, it makes it easier for sanitary products to catch on it and cause clogs. Here, hydro jetting is the better option as well. While standard snake tools can remove isolated clogs here and there, cleaning out the inside of the pipes, or descaling them, is a long-term and more thorough solution.

There are a few potential caveats. If your pipes are old and weak, or if the buildup of scale or corrosion is such that high water pressure itself could cause damage, burst pipes, or create leaks, your plumber may need to try something else instead.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can sometimes find their way into your deep drains, and they can easily cause your entire plumbing system to back up. Hydro jetting can be used to clear roots out of your pipes and is usually the best choice for this problem as well. Even in cases where roots are too thick for water pressure to break apart, hydro jetting is still often used to finish the job once a standard snake breaks up the roots.

Again, the age and state of your pipes should be taken into consideration. If your pipes are new and otherwise in good shape, you might be able to get away with just having the roots cleared. If your pipes are older, or if the roots have caused extensive damage to the pipes they've broken into, they may need to be replaced instead.

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