Does Your Septic Tank Need Servicing?

Some homes in city limits have septic tanks for a variety of reasons, with the age of the home being one of them. While a septic system is not a bad thing, it does mean that you may have additional things to take care of for your home. Your septic tank services specialist will inspect your septic tank to see if it's showing signs of wear or needing cleaned, and you can have these repairs or cleaning needs taken care of as necessary.

It's not always easy to tell if you need to have septic services done. Your septic system specialist can tell you when you should get a new system put in or when to have it cleaned, but you can also watch out for signs that you need septic tank services. Here are some of them. 

Your yard stinks or has lush spots

It's not your eyes or nose playing tricks on you if you smell rotten eggs or something sour in your yard or see whole areas of grass that are growing thick and long — these are both signs that your septic system is overflowing and your tank is leaking into your yard. The sewage in the tank can cause the grass to grow extra long and successful, while the stench from the leaking sewage can cause the air to smell foul.

Don't start digging into the spongy and healthy grass; call your septic tank services company to come take a look at your septic tank. Your issue may be as simple as needing to have your septic cleaned out, or may be as severe as needing to have a new tank put in or a new liner inside the tank installed.

Your toilets and sinks are back-flowing

Do you have back-flowing sinks and toilets? Do you have issues with getting your drains and toilets to work, or when you flush one toilet another overflows? You may have a plumbing problem, but if you also smell rotten eggs or sulfur, your septic tank services company needs to come to your home and check out your septic system to see what needs to be done.

Septic services provided include inspecting a tank, cleaning one out, putting in new liners or caps, replacing a septic tank that is too old or too small, and other septic tank services needs. Your specialist will assist you in getting your septic system back to good working order again.

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