Signs You Need Residential Septic Tank Cleaning Services

A septic tank is an excellent waste disposal alternative for most homes, especially if your home is far from the municipal waste drainage pipes. However, a filled-up septic tank can cause health issues for your family, not to mention the risk of damaging your home's drainage system. 

Therefore, you should know when to empty and clean your septic tank.

Here are the common signs of a filled-up septic tank. 

Foul Smells

The most obvious sign of a filled-up residential septic tank is a foul smell in your environment. Your tank should suppress the odors from your residential waste. However, when the tank is full, the gases can escape through your home's maintenance holes and waste outlets and degrade the air quality.

You can detect these smells in the yard near the manholes leading to the septic tank or from the drainage system inside your house. If you notice foul odors from the kitchen sink or bathroom, you should hire residential septic tank cleaning services to clean your septic tank.

Sewage Backup in the House

When your septic tank fills up, the waste will flow back into your house through the drainage pipes. You'll see dirty water flow back into your toilets when you flush them or notice debris on your kitchen sink even when you don't use it.

You'll often hear gurgling when you drain waste into your drainage system when the septic tank fills up. The gurgling sounds indicate a clog or blockage as the wastewater struggles to flow into the septic tank. 

Sometimes, sewage backup on one drainage pipe could result from a clogged drainage system. However, if you notice sewage backup in most or all the drainage systems in your home, it's time to call a residential septic tank cleaning services provider.

Slow Drainage

A clear drainage system in your home should quickly drain liquid and solid waste into the septic tank. However, if your septic tank is full, it takes longer for the solid waste to settle at the bottom, and the liquid waste stagnates in the drainage pipes.

A slowed drainage in the house could also result from a single blocked drainage pipe. Thus, call a plumber to check the pipe for clogs and fix it. However, if all the drainage systems in your house are slow, it's time to hire residential septic tank cleaning experts.

Pools of Dirty Water in the Yard

When your septic tank is full, the wastewater will flow through the manholes and pool into your lawn. You'll notice these pools because of the unusually lush grass growing near the tank or a sudden mosquito infestation in your home.

The wastewater pools can be hazardous to your family because they are breeding grounds for disease-causing microorganisms. The bacteria in this water can cause diseases such as typhoid and dysentery.

Contact residential septic tank cleaning services to find out more. 

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