When To Have Your Septic System Inspected And Repaired

Your septic tank should be emptied and inspected roughly every three years. As your septic tank starts to fill up, you may notice some issues with how your plumbing is working. Sometimes the toilet will have air bubbles when flushing if the tank is getting full. You may notice that your drains are moving slowly or that there is an odor coming from your drains. If you have abnormally bright green grass in your yard, this can be caused by a leach field that is not removing wastewater from your home successfully. If you have a leak in your septic tank or there are signs it is malfunctioning, it's time to call for a septic tank repair.

You Have Slow Moving Drains

If only one drain is slow, this indicates a localized clog in your plumbing. When there is more than one slow drain, you have a problem deeper in your plumbing. The issue could be with roots growing into your main sewer line, a clog in your septic tank plumbing, or the septic tank could be getting full. If you have an issue with any drains in your home, these should be inspected and repaired before the problem gets bigger.

Your Yard Forms Puddles Without Rain

When you have a septic system, the leach field is responsible for filtering the wastewater and guiding it away from your property. If you find puddles in your yard and it hasn't rained, these are likely caused by a problem with your septic system. The water coming to the surface is wastewater and is likely to have an unpleasant odor. Your septic tank needs to be inspected, and you may need either a repair or replacement, depending on the severity of the issue.

You Have Bubbles When You Flush

If your toilet gurgles or has bubbles in the bowl when you flush, this indicates a problem somewhere deeper in your system. The problem is often caused by a clog somewhere, or a septic tank that is starting to fill. Air is getting trapped in your plumbing and is being pushed to the surface when you flush your toilet.

Your septic tank should be inspected and cleaned every few years to avoid system failures. Call for a septic tank inspection if you notice any issues with your system, and pay attention to any puddles that form in your yard. If you have an issue, call a local septic tank repair service.

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