How to Save Money on Septic Tank Pumping Services

Regular septic tank maintenance and professional inspection are crucial in keeping your tank in top shape. While it's necessary to pump your septic tank to maintain its health, you can reduce pumping frequency if you lower the waste load that goes into your tank. 

Check out two ways that will save you money on septic tank pumping services. 

Watch What You Discharge Into Your Septic Tank

You need to watch what you discharge into your septic tank to protect against system failures. As a rule of thumb, only water, human waste, and toilet paper should go into your septic tank. 

Items such as paper towels, feminine products, and balls of hair should go into your garbage bin instead. These items contain plastics and tough fibers that your tank's beneficial bacteria cannot easily break down. As a result, the drain pipes get clogged, your tank fills up rapidly, and nasty backups ensue. 

If the cleaning products you use don't read 'septic safe' on the label, don't allow them into the septic tank because they kill bacteria that liquefies organic waste. Harsh chemicals and grease also have the same effect on your septic tank. 

Without enough bacteria to break down waste in your septic tank, waste builds up, and you have to pump your tank sooner. So, watch what you allow into your septic tank, and you will not spend money on frequent pumping services. 

Ensure the Tank's Cover Is Easily Accessible

You also save money if your septic tank's cleanout cover can be accessed with ease. This way, septic tank technicians don't need more time and tools to dig around the septic tank and locate the lid. To cut off this additional expenditure, you should install an extension or a riser instead. 

With a riser installed, the pumping services will always access the lid with minimal hustle. A riser has a concrete, plastic, or fiberglass construction that connects to your tank at the access port or pump-out openings. Risers come with lids that allow easy access to your septic tank for seamless servicing, emptying, and inspections – all without digging. 

While the septic tank riser will set you back a few bucks in installation, the investment eventually pays for itself. Septic tank service providers factor in the labor costs when pricing their services. A riser reduces the labor costs, so you pay less for pumping services. 

You can schedule routine or specialty services with a company such as Linn Septic Service. Proper care of your septic tank ensures health to your septic system and your pocket as well. Therefore, remember to pump your septic tank every three to five years to avoid septic failure. 

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