Three Things To Know About The Septic System For Your Home

A lack of knowledge about the septic system of a home can significantly increase the risks of a homeowner making mistakes that could lead to expensive repairs in the future. While a modern septic system can be surprisingly complicated, it is still relatively simple for homeowners to become informed well enough to avoid a range of commonly encountered issues.

Septic Inspections Are Needed Even In The Absence Of Visible Problems With The System

Routine inspections of a septic system can allow for a variety of problems with it to be found and repaired. While arranging for an inspection can be an obvious step when there is a noticeable problem with the septic system, individuals may not realize that these inspections should be completed regularly even when the septic tank seems to otherwise be functioning correctly. This will allow for serious problems that may not cause major performance problems to be found. Cracks forming in the walls of the septic system can be an example of this problem, as they must be repaired before the cracks grow large enough to allow leaks to develop.

Many Common Household Cleaning Products Can Be Damaging To The Septic System

When choosing household cleaning products, it is advisable to choose ones that are designed to avoid killing the bacteria that may be in the septic tank. If the population of these bacteria is decreased too much, the septic tank may be far less able to effectively break down solid waste. Choosing household cleaners that are designed to be safe with septic systems can limit this potential risk while still allowing you to effectively clean and sanitize the interior of your home.

Not All Of The Solid Waste That Enters A Septic Tank Will Be Destroyed

The septic tank will have the important role of breaking down the solid waste that enters it. When the septic tank is working optimally, it will be able to break down the vast majority of the solid waste that enters it. However, some of the solid waste will be unable to break down in the septic tank. Eventually, this waste will settle along the bottom of the septic tank. Due to this reality, the septic tank will need to be pumped every few years in order to keep it from filling with solid waste. This can be one of the most important types of maintenance that you do for your septic system as it can keep the tank's capacity from shrinking while also removing solid waste that may have otherwise led to significant clogs.

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