Flooding And Septic Tank Issues

Heavy rain that occurs for days can cause your yard to become saturated and could potentially affect the manner in which your septic system operates. If backflow is apparent when you flush your home's toilets, your septic tank may need to be pumped. Inspect your property and modify how much waste and water is flushed or drained prior to having a plumber remedy the situation.

The Drainfield And The Tank

If you know where the drainfield and septic tank are located, inspect this area and take note of how much water is present. The water table that rests below ground level should be several feet down. When the water rises, it may infiltrate the drainfield and septic tank. The rainwater that has accumulated on your property is responsible for causing the water table to rise. If you can clearly determine that the water level hasn't impeded the septic tank or if you notice signs of water receding, the septic issue isn't one where a full pumping may be necessary.

It is best to wait until the water recedes in its entirety. This will provide a service technician with an easier time locating the septic lines and attaching the equipment necessary for septic pumping. If your lawn isn't thoroughly saturated, using sinks, tubs, and toilets sparingly will not be problematic. If flooding is severe, however, and the entire drainfield and tank are likely below water, avoid using the plumbing within your home. Again, you will likely need to wait for the water to recede. This may take several days.


Contact a plumber about the septic issue. If it is still actively raining, the plumber who will be performing the pumping may tell you that they will be available to perform the pumping service after the rain has subsided. Once the rainwater has seeped into the ground and the water table has lowered, a plumber will be able to perform the pumping properly. A septic system that is submerged underwater could potentially become damaged if the tank is pumped while a yard is still flooded.

Water can loosen septic pipes and other vital components that are attached to the tank. In the meantime, avoid overusing the drains in your home. For a severe situation that involves a lot of sewage backing up into your home, avoid using the plumbing altogether. If you will need to wait a few days for a plumber to empty the septic tank, you may want to make plans to stay at a friend's or a relative's until your plumbing is back in order. 

Call a septic company, such as Curry Plumbing, Septic & Sewer, for more help. 

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